Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Professional Tutove Flaky Pastry Rolling Pin

Excellent Condition

This professional Tutove rolling pin is made of rigid plastic which efficiently distributes butter through the layers of puff pastry. This type of rolling pin is used by professional bakers throughout the world. The handles are free wheeling and the design takes all the hard work out of making a flaky pastry. Made in France.

History of this particular rolling pin

I was born in England and lived there for 29 years, and my grandmother at that time was a professional chef and worked for a very prestige girls grammar school. She so wanted a pastry pin! On a trip to France one summer I purchased this rolling pin for her. A couple of years later she passed away and I inherited the rolling pin back and it traveled with me in my suitcase to America a few years later. I have never used it (as baking is just not my thing) and I would love it to go to a good baker's home.

This quality of Tutove rolling pins are unsurpassed, they were made to last literally a lifetime!

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